NDI and Balzola will modernize tram infrastructure on 3 Maja St.

Tramwaje Śląskie, a management body of the tram infrastructure in the Upper Silesian agglomeration, will contract the Polish-Spanish consortium of NDI and Balzola to conduct modernization works on track-ways on 3 Maja St. and Wolności Sq.

The consortium was chosen by Tramwaje on 14th of August. From then on, other companies tendering for the contract had 10 days to lodge an appeal from the decision in the National Appeal Chamber. The deadline expired last Friday and none of the firms appealed. In practice it means that the both parties can sign the contract.

The evaluation criteria of the bids was both the price and guarantee period proposed by the tendering companies. NDI and Balzola entered a bid with the lowest price (PLN 13,498 million) and the guarantee period of 96 months.

An overall length of the single track-way to be modernized on 3 Maja St. and Wolności Sq. totals 1 680 meters. Apart from that, NDI and Balzola will have to redevelop tram wires, telephone and teletype service, gas, sewage and water-supply systems. The construction work to be commenced in the weeks to come has to be finished in one year. At the same time, the company of Skanska contracted by the City Hall of Katowice (PLN 9,494 million) will revamp 3 Maja St. including a new surface and pavements of the area, greenery, lighting and street furnitures.

It will be the second joined contract of NDI and Balzola in Katowice. The consortium is currently involved in the first stage of works on the City Center – the modernization and rebuilding of tramway tracks and surrounding infrastructure between the Market Sq. – Roundabout.