NDI builds Flower Square

Another part of the Market Square – Roundabout area has been recently occupied by the construction crew of NDI, a prime contractor of the City center redevelopment. Concrete works are now being executed at the Market Sq., so called Flower Sq.

Flower Sq. under construction
Flower Sq. under construction

The subjected area is located between the „Zenit” and „Rynek 1” buildings. It is designed as one of the main squares of the Katowice downtown. The main feature of the place will be small retail buildings, greenery and a fountain.

„Currently we are conducting works on the concrete structure of the three buildings C1, C2 and C3. Also, we are erecting a fountain. First pavement works have been started as well. All concrete works, steel construction of the buildings roofs and front windows are expected to be finished this month. Additionally, we plan to conclude the works on the fountain in September. Flower bowls and stairs will be built afterward” – said Wojciech Pałczyński, project manger at NDI.

Back walls of the three buildings will be covered in plants. Also, the green roof technology will be used for the facilities. New surfaces, trees, plants and benches will make up the Flower Square’s space.

Delivery date of the square has not yet been revealed.