Neinver reveals opening date of Galeria Katowicka

Wednesday, 18th of September at 10 o’clock in the morning is the official date of Galeria Katowicka’s opening. The building process and the official finish of construction works will be celebrated one day before.

The cornerstone ceremony took place at the construction site on 31st of May 2011. The first stage of the investment – the new Railway Station’s hall – was delivered in at the end of October 2012. In February 2013, the underground bus station operates within the mixed-use complex.

„The realization of the investment was a huge undertaking involving large number of people that is why we have decided to organize two events. On the 17th of September we will give thanks to all who were engaged in the building process and the next day, the 18th of September, we will invite customers for shopping” – said Agata Brzezińska, country manager at Neinver Poland. „A detailed agenda of the opening will be released on the turn of August and September” – she added.

Outfitting is currently underway at all levels of Galeria Katowicka. The underground car park for 1 200 vehicles will be done in the days to come. Most of 250 tenants are already finishing out theirs premises. About 4 000 people work every day in the mall to prepare the building for the opening. Galeria Katowicka is now more than 90 percent leased.

The investors of the project at Szewczyka Sq., which will also involve the developing of an office building in the future, are Neinver Poland, Meyer Bergman and Polish State Railways. Strabag is the prime contractor, Cushman & Wakefield is the exclusive commercialization agent, while infrastructural investments around the complex are handled by the City Hall of Katowice.