Neinver reveals opening date of Station hall

Neinver has officially informed today about the opening of the new Katowice Railway Station’s hall, being part of the multifunctional complex at Szewczyka Sq. The date was set for 30th of October 2012.

Main hall of the Railway Station
Main hall of the Railway Station

In the spacious single-storey Station hall covering a total area of 5 800 sq. meters, there will be ticket windows, information points, waiting rooms, and 31 shops. A large open-plan hall will make it easier to move around the Railway Station, whose layout will become brighter thanks to light-coloured interiors and a huge sky-light. An additional facility will be the connection between the main hall and the entrance into the platform level concourse through a system of fixed and moving walkways. Besides, there will be a VIP lounge and an integrated information system for passengers.

According to the investor, the Station will be better organized and adapted to the needs of all users, especially the older and disabled. Due to modern technologies and innovative solutions, it will match international standards.

“The new Station’s hall is formed by the reconstructed cup-shaped pillars, the main entrance is situated just between the two most exhibited of them. We have also reconstructed the “Katowice” neon sign, that is a symbolic contribution to the history of Katowice as a neons city, and we mounted it above the entrance. We are convinced the new Railway Station’s hall will be serving citizens and travellers for many years and will become a symbol of the new City Center” – said Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska, press spokesman at Neinver Polska.

It will be one the most modern transportation hubs in Poland. It is planned to open the underground bus station and the Dworcowa tunnel by the end of this year. Also, the City Hall of Katowice is financing a redevelopment of two road junctions on the east and west parts of the complex. The underground bus station is to comprise 10 bus stops, 7 mini-bus stops and a taxi stand for passengers getting off. It will be accessible from the Railway Station level and the southern section of Galeria Katowicka.

“There will be a dynamic travellers information system, new sound and video monitoring systems in the hall. Passengers will be able to buy tickets in 13 cash-desks of PKP Intercity and “Koleje Śląskie” as well as in the customer service center. The Katowice Railway Station will soon become a genuine transporation hub be modeled after the best solutions of European countries” – said Łukasz Kurpiewski, press spokesman of PKP S.A., a co-investor of the undertaking.

The next stage of the development is to open the Galeria Katowicka shopping mall in the second quarter of 2013. It will house a retail and service space of over 53 000 sq. meters, divided into 250 units. The underground part will offer a parking lot for 1 200 cars.

The prime contractor of the multifunctional complex is Strabag.

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