Neinver starts works at Szewczyka Square

Monday, 6th of December, 2010 will see the beginning of the main stage of Katowice Railway Station reconstruction. The first phase will involve taking to pieces an overpass located above the Square and the Station hall. The construction area will be fenced in a gradual manner.

Works schedule for the upcoming weeks:
4th of December: eliminating public transportation from Szewczyka Square, moving bus stops (KZK GOP – Municipal Transport Union of the Upper Silesian Industrial District).

6th of December: making the Square ready for overpass deconstruction. The same week will also see the Station hall closure (access to platforms only from the temporary station), demolition works for the first part of the overpass, along with stairs at 3 Maja Street. Introducing initial traffic changes to the Square: vehicles will be traveling along the station hall down Dworcowa Street in both directions. Within this time, pedestrians will be able to move in the closest vicinity of the Station building. The area adjacent to the demolished overpass is about to be fenced.

The subsequent stage will involve demolishing the second part of the overpass and the Station building. Since then, vehicle traffic will be one-way only, down Słowackiego Street eastwards and along 3 Maja Street. Pedestrians will no longer have the chance to cross Szewczyka Square. This phase will last several weeks.

Then, Słowackiego, Dworcowa and Młyńska Streets will become closed throughout the duration of construction works. The area of Szewczyka Square is going to be fenced and closed until the new Railway Station is delivered.

“All traffic organization changes around the Railway Station in Katowice are the outcome of numerous discussions our consultants have had with the representatives of the City of Katowice Development Department, the police, MZUiM (Roads and Bridges Maintenance Office) and KZK GOP. Our goal was to close the streets and the area of Szewczyka Square in a manner minimizing the inconveniences arising from the works which are about to be carried out. Around the construction site in downtown Katowice, there will be up-to-date information boards and signposts showing the way to the temporary station,” – says Rafał Elżanowski, Investment Manager at Neinver Poland.

The residents of the Upper Silesia’s capital will be able to get detailed information on the changes in the City Center owing to a campaign called “Attention: Changes!” run by Neinver, PKP S.A. (Polish State Railways), Katowice City Hall and KZK GOP. Announcements will appear in local papers, on the radio and at the website. From 4th of December to 6th and on 8th of December, there will be mobile information points in strategic spots around Szewczyka Square; people will be given leaflets which should facilitate moving within the City Center. Moreover, the employees of KZK GOP will be providing information concerning public transit modifications on the most common means of public transport between 2nd and 8th of December.