New community center opened in Dąb

On Tuesday, a new city community center was opened in Dąb, the oldest Katowice district. A main feature of the building is a publicly accessible green roof.

The two-storey building houses a gallery, multifunctional room for about 100 spectators, ballet hall and changing rooms as well as educational rooms on the ground floor. The first floor was designated for library purposes and offices. The building area totals 1 275 sq. meters.

The building structure shapes a reversed „Z” letter, where the roof rises from the ground to the second storey. The rising roof leads to an external entrance to the library. A green terrace is located above enabling open-air reading. The interior walls are composed of brick and plastering, while the external elevation is made of glassy walls, tiny black framing and black plates. The glassy walls’ framing at the street level is intended to create a sense of transparency of the center and to make an invitation for passers-by.

The building was created in the place of the former „KWK Kleofas” cole mine’s community center. The old brick facility was influenced by mining damages and it had to be tore down. The unstable bottom was the biggest challenge during the engineering and construction process, and the building needed several complicated ground works.

The architectural project was created by PA+U Rafał Mazur from Warsaw. The construction work has been carried out by Titan Lux from Libiąż.

The cultural and educational facility was erected on behalf of the City Hall of Katowice. The total cost of the undertaking, inlcuding the equipment, amounted to approximately PLN 12,5 million. The building is located at 1 Krzyżowa St.