New deals and beacons

A one renewal and one new contract were recently signed in Silesia City Center (SCC). The mall will also offer beacons solutions for its customers.

The footwear retailer CCC has renewed and expanded its lease agreement in the mall. The brand’s shop will remain in SCC until 2022. The contract is worth PLN 9,95 million.

Also, the new deal was signed by an owner of the „Sztolnia” restaurant, which was opened in the former coal mine building being a part of the mall. The unit covers the area of 359 sq. meters and is one of the largest restaurants in Silesia City Center. It offers wine, bread and meat.

Additionally, the latest new solution provided in the mall is the BLE (Blootooth Low Energy) technology so called beacons. The technology enables retailers to acknowledge customers’ presence and deliver targeted ads. After entering the mall, shoppers will receive discount offers from retailers straight to their smartphones. A dedicated application and bluetooth are needed to receive the coupons. About 100 sensors will be used in the building to provide the messages to customers’ phones. A test version of the solution was provided for SCC by