New housing estate planned in Katowice

TDJ Estate plans a housing estate in the area of Kijowska and Księżęca streets in the district of Ligota. The Czora & Czora architectural studio was commissioned by the company to prepare an architectural project of the planned residential scheme.

The development is to be located on a 8 ha plot in the close proximity of the “Książęce” housing estate. A footprint area of the residential premises will cover approximately 20 000 sq. meters. The three to six-storey high buildings will feature ground and underground car parks as well as internal traffic routes totaling about 30 000 sq. meters.

The investor does not disclose any details about the undertaking at the moment. “We will present the project when the design process is finished“ – said the representative of TDJ.

TDJ Estate invests in industrial, commercial, office and agricultural properties as well as in lands intended for development. It is controlled by TDJ S.A., the Katowice seated company which is a major shareholder of Famur Group – the biggest in Poland and a significant world manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment.