New housing project planned by Murapol

Murapol signed an initial agreement for the purchase of parcels of land located on Nasypowa St. The developer plans to erect a housing estate on the plots. It would be another property of the company destined for residential project in Katowice.

According to the contract, Murapol is obliged to pay net PLN 5 million for the land covering the area of 0,9 ha. The developer already revealed that the housing estate consisting of 230 apartments (9 500 sq. meters of usable area) would be built there. A name of the seller and the exact location of the plots have not been published. Also, no further details about the scheme were presented.

Nasypowa St. is connected with Kościuszki St. and located close to a tram terminus in the district of Brynów. Several hundred meters south from Nasypowa St. Echo Investment will build a shopping and entertainment center called Galeria Libero.

It is not the only property on which Murapol wants to expand its housing offer in Katowice. In 2015, the company signed two other initial agreements for the acquisition of lands.

One of the properties is located on Bytkowska St. in the northern part of Katowice, close to Bytkowska Park of Wawel Service. It covers the area of 2,24 ha. Murapol was contracted to purchase the plot for net PLN 9,5 million. About 460 apartments will be delivered within the project. The usable area is estimated at 21 000 sq. meters.

The second property is situated on Radockiego St. very close to Bażantów St. where the developer’s housing scheme called Murapol Bażantów is being conducted at present. According to the contract, the company would pay net PLN 6,5 million for the 1,9971 ha land. Murapol plans to erect there a housing estate consisting of approximately 365 apartments. The total usable area of the investment will amount to 15 000 sq. meters.

Housing estate Murapol Bażantów
Housing estate Murapol Bażantów