New Katowice mayor elected

On Sunday, 30th of November, second round of local elections was held in almost nine hundred Polish constituencies, including Katowice. Marcin Krupa, a current deputy mayor of Katowice, was elected to be the new mayor of the City. The existing mayor, Piotr Uszok, did not stand for the re-election.

© Marcin Krupa; Marcin Krupa (left) and Piotr Uszok (right)
© Marcin Krupa; Marcin Krupa (left) and Piotr Uszok (right)

Piotr Uszok announced his decision in the middle of September. He resigned after 16 years as the mayor. „It is time to hand over the position of the mayor to the younger generation” – Piotr Uszok explained his decision. Additionally, he gave his support to Marcin Krupa who has been holding the office of the deputy mayor for the last four years.

The first round of the local elections took place on 16th of November. In Katowice, there were eight competitors that stood as mayor candidates. Two of them – Marcin Krupa and Andrzej Sośnierz (a former chairman of the National Health Fund) – received the largest number of votes (43,09 and 22,09 percent respectively) and faced in the second round yesterday. The second round was obligatory as none of the eight candidates won the necessary 50-percent majorities in the first round.

Official returns of the second round were announced today. Marcin Krupa won 71,31 percent of votes and beat Andrzej Sośnierz who gained 28,69 percent. The new mayor will hold its office for the next four years.

Marcin Krupa is 38 years old and was born in Katowice. He graduated from the Silesian University of Technology’s Faculty of Transport. In 2005, he defended his PhD dissertation about the exploitation and construction of machines. Marcin Krupa was the Katowice councilor between the years 2006 and 2010. Four years ago, he took over the office of the deputy mayor. He was responsible for the supervision of several departments in the City Hall in the following areas: strategy planning, development of transport systems, environmental protection and management, municipal services management, spatial development and land use planning as well as construction.