New plans for passive building in GPP

In November 2008, the Katowice Special Economic Zone has granted zone status to the part of the the Upper Silesian Industrial Park (Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy – GPP) with an area of 13 000 sq. m, intended for the construction of an innovative office building. That is when the GPP’s authorities had presented its plans about construction of a huge 23 000 sq. m passive building (original plans assumed cofinancing from the EU funds), but the investment did not start. Since then plans have changed, representatives of the First Polish Cluster of Passive Construction and Energy Saving decided, that instead of this building four smaller buildings would be developed. The first from these will be a 7-storey construction with an area of 11 000 sq. m. Each storey will be a part of the labolatory which will test the functionality of the passive building in Silesian conditions. The building will be equipped with solar energy collectors and generators located on the roof. Total cost of the construction of the building will amount between PLN 45-60 million depends on adopted solutions. A quality of office spaces will be the same as in the best Katowice’s office buildings. Construction process will be most probably commenced in the mid-2010 and will take approx. 18 months. Further three buildings will be developed during next five years and also will be situated within the Katowice Special Economic Zone.

The Upper Silesian Industrial Park is localised at 39A Konduktorska St. in Katowice and was established in April 2005 as a business activity zone intended especially for small- and medium-sized companies. The Park’s activity zone covers 80 000 sq. m of postindustrial areas in the North of the City. The concept and design work on the development of a further 40 000 sq. m of the Park area and 90 000 sq. m of adjacent areas is now in progress. The companies renting the biggest warehouse and office spaces are: TNT Express Worldwide (Poland), AP Holding, Archidoc, Doellken&Praktikus, Lektronix Ltd, Lorencic Polska.

At present, the basic elements of the Park’s offer include areas:
– production and warehouse space of 14 600 sq. m
– office space of 2 200 sq. m
– 11 000 sq. m area of manoeuvering yards
– 130 parking places