New plans for Piaskowa plot

Secus Property revealed new plans concerning a development plot at 8 Piaskowa St. Previously, the developer wanted to erect there Piaskowa Business Center.

In 2009, the company presented the project and announced to build a three-storey office facility offering approximately 13 000 sq. meters of office space. However, construction work has never been commenced.

„As it had turned out the property was not the right place for an office building, Secus Property has changed plans and abandoned Piaskowa Business Center. Now we consider the plot as a perfect location for dormitory with a commercial part designed as an apart-hotel” – said Joanna Kijak, representative of Secus Property. The company would like to carry out the investment in co-operation with the University of Economics in Katowice and the University of Silesia. The subjected land is located in the district of Zawodzie close to university campus’ buildings.

Characteristics of the scheme are yet unknown. „Currently we focus on our housing development in Kraków which is scheduled for delivery this summer. Only then the company is going to prepare the Katowice project including a new design and an alternate building permit. It is most probable to kick-off the investment in 2015” – Joanna Kijak added.

Secus Property was established in 2006 and is based in Katowice. The company works in the area of real estate investments.