New restaurant opened at Galeria Katowicka

Express Kuchnia Marche’s first Upper Silesian restaurant has just been opened at Galeria Katowicka. It offers pay-by-weight hot buffet.

Galeria Katowicka’s new restaurant uses fresh preservative-free and dye-free Polish products. The menu is adjusted to seasons. Express Kuchnia Marche serves traditional Polish dishes – starters, salads, main courses, desserts, fit food, fresh cocktails and juices, vegetarian food, as well as Mediterranean, Greek and oriental dishes.

Express Kuchnia Marche dishes at Galeria Katowicka are sold in the pay-by-weight system, with 100 grams serving as the unit of measure. Thanks to this solution, each guest can come up with a meal composed of different elements. „Every day, the final hour brings discounted prices. Hot buffet dishes are offered at half the price. The menu is set anew each week, with cooks having a lot to say on what they serve on a given day” – says Ewa Skonieczna-Sarniak, representative for Express Kuchnia Marche.

Express Kuchnia Marche unit has the area of 285 sq. meters and is located at level +2. This is the chain’s 21 location in Poland and the first one in Upper Silesia.

Express Kuchnia Marche expands the range of dining options available at Galeria Katowicka. The others are A.Blikle, Apetito, BoBoQ, Burger King, Butchery & Grill, Don Pep, Grycan, Gusto Dominium, KFC, Lodomania, McDonald’s, Mięta Malina, Mount Blanc, Pijalnia Czekolady E. Wedel, Pizza Hut, Salad Story, Sevi Oriental, Starbucks Coffee, Subway, Sushi Do and Tchibo.

© Galeria Katowicka; Express Kuchnia Marche
© Galeria Katowicka; Express Kuchnia Marche