New sport brand in Libero

A shop of the 4F brand is to be opened in Galeria Libero, which is being developed in the south of Katowice by Echo Investment. It will have the area of nearly 300 sq. meters.

© Echo Investment; visualization of interiors of Galeria Libero
© Echo Investment; visualization of interiors of Galeria Libero

„We decided to open a 4F shop in Libero because of its very broad sports, recreational and entertainment offer, among other things. Thanks to this it is likely to be visited by active, conscious people who appreciate a healthy lifestyle. Its location in the southern part of the city, near the main transport route, is very convenient for us. The saturation of the market in terms of the sports offer is very low in this region. We are glad that we will be able to reach subsequent residents of Silesia with the sports offer of 4F” – says Małgorzata Gabryś, investment and development director at OTCF, owner of the 4F brand.

“A 4F shop is perfectly in line with the sports and entertainment character of Galeria Libero, a significant area of which has been earmarked for sports, recreation and entertainment functions. The commercialization process of our project is very dynamic. We will soon be reporting subsequent contracts signed” – says Tomasz Domoń, commercialization team manager at Echo Investment’s shopping center department.

The owner of 4F is OTCF – a Polish company which specializes in the development, production and sale of sports clothing and accessories for customers and professionals. The 4F brand currently has 195 brick and mortar shops all over Poland which regularly sell sports products and accessories. It is also present in 27 European countries through its developed wholesale chain and its products are available in over 600 multi-brand stores. OTCF is planning to gradually increase its retail sales on new markets over the next 5 years, including Latvia, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The construction of Galeria Libero has been in progress from July this year. Regardless of the construction process, advanced commercialization is in progress. More than 40 percent of the retail area has already been leased.