Nicklas Lindberg: offices will be like hotels

During this year’s 7th ABSL Conference in Katowice Nicklas Lindberg, CEO Echo Investment, presented his views on future urban planning trends and related transformations in office, commercial and residential construction.

Nicklas Lindberg opened the panel discussion „Is the workplace of the future still the office?” presenting his views on future trends in urban development and, subsequently, in office space development. These most distinctive phenomena are: increasingly faster urbanization and the emergence of the so-called creative class that will be working for creative companies.

– And this creates certain challenges for office space developers – Lindberg said. – Such creative companies will need creative office space going well beyond the office borders.

A creative area will have to combine various functions – work and leisure, work and play as well as work and shopping. – That gives competitive edge to developers that can provide the space meeting all these requirements – he added.

Nicklas Lindberg is a new Chief Executive Officer of Echo Investment since the middle of April 2016. He replaced Piotr Gromniak, who remains in the company’s board as its COO. For last 15 years Nicklas Lindberg has been with Skanska where he worked as President for Skanska Commercial Development Europe (CDE), Skanska’s business unit that develops properties in Central and Eastern Europe and the head of Skanska Property Poland, a unit within Skanska Commercial Development Europe.

Each year, the Association of Business Service Leaders gathers the sector’s representatives by creating a unique networking platform for business service sector to exchange knowledge and experience. This year, Polish and global top executives, together with representatives of the government and local governments, have met to discuss various change-related topics related to the sector itself and to its macroeconomic environment. This year’s guests included a former Secretary of State of the USA, Condoleezza Rice and deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki.