No appeals filed on ICC tender

The City Hall of Katowice is very close to sign a contract with Warbud and to re-launch construction works on the International Convention Center.

Warbud, a winning bidder for the contract to finish works on the building, was chosen by the City Hall in the last days of April. According to the Polish procurement law, remaining companies taking part in the tender procedure had ten days to file an appeal against the decision. As no appeals have been filed in the National Appeal Chamber, the decision is deemed final.

“Now we just only have to wait for an ex-ante control of the contract award procedure to be done by the Public Procurement Office. The PPO has 30 days to make a final decision. If there are no complaints, we will sign the contract with Warbud” – explained Jakub Jarząbek, head of the City Hall’s press department.

Warbud is going to build the International Convention Center in co-operation with Mercury Engineering as a partner. The consortium will erect the building for gross PLN 280,2 million.

The new bidding procedure was essential to choose the new prime contractor after the last year’s denouncement of the agreement with Polimex-Mostostal. The contract was withdrawn due to inadequate performance of the financial and practical schedule, and delay of the construction work on the ICC.