No offers for underground car parks

The City Hall of Katowice had been looking for investors willing to build two underground car parks in the City Center. On Thursday, the only potential investor did not decide to file its final offer within the administrative procedure.

The subjected car parks would be located under Dworcowy and Bolesława Chrobrego squares. The research and negotiations took several years. In 2010, the City Hall even organized a conference for investors which would be interested to design, build and manage underground car parks in Katowice. One of the companies was Mota-Engil which had decided to negotiate terms of the concession contract with the City Hall.

The company had to define the final shape of the car parks like the number of parking spaces and the number of underground storeys. Then, the private investor would finance the construction work and manage the infrastructure making profits for the period of 30 years or less. The negotiations took two years.

On Thursday, the municipality informed that Mota-Engil has not decided to make the final offer for the concession. „Now one of the options is to repeat the procedure. The second possiblity is to carry out and finance the investment process by the City Hall alone. Then, we would take into consideration to build only the car park located under Dworcowy Sq.” – said Jakub Jarząbek, press spokesman of the City Hall of Katowice.