No takers for Katowice office buildings

Two Katowice office buildings – Altus and “Centrum Biurowe Plac Grunwaldzki” – which had recently been put up on sale, still have not got new owners.

There were already three attempts to sell “Plac Grunwaldzki”. The selling prices amounted to PLN 17,4 million last year, PLN 16,5 million in May 2013 and PLN 14,05 million in June. Each time there were no bidders willing to purchase the property.

Two public auctions for the sale of Altus have given the same results as in case of “Plac Grunwaldzki”. The initial prices for the high-rise building were estimated at PLN 260,2 million in February and PLN 195,17 million in May this year. The third selling procedure is currently underway. The price amounts to PLN 175 million. Offers to buy the building can be entered by 31st of July 2013.

“Centrum Biurowe Plac Grunwaldzki”
The building is located in the City Center at 8-10 Grunwaldzki Sq. between Korfantego Av. and Sokolska St. It was designed by the architect Janusz Ballenstedt and was built at the beginning of fifties of the last century. The facility offers approximately 13 500 sq. meters of office space over seven storeys (plus one underground floor for services and manufacturing companies) and a ground car park for 130 vehicles.

Altus is the A-class 32-storey (including 3 underground storeys) mixed-use building which offers 65 000 sq. meters of total space and 15 220 sq. meters of office space to let. The facility was delivered in late 2003 and is located at 13 Uniwersytecka St. Apart from the office part, Altus houses the Qubus Hotel, Helios cinema, shops, cafes, a fitness club and a casino. Altus is the tallest building of Katowice.