Occupancy permit approved for new Silesian Museum

The construction work on the new seat of Silesian Museum was officially concluded – the County Inspector of Building Control issued an occupancy permit for the building a few weeks ago. The venue was officially shown to media representatives today. However, some building crews will still be seen at the construction site to remove faults and imperfections.

New Silesian Museum
New Silesian Museum

The additional works are connected with a moisture which appeared inside the building. „The new Silesian Museum is mostly located under the ground reaching even 16 meters deep. The humidity and wetness problems have been diagnosed during the last stage of works as well as during the commissioning process. We are now carrying reparatory works including a fullering operation on the surface and inside walls” – said Maciej Kołtonowicz, director of general construction south department at Budimex SA.

The works are now 50% done. Budimex and Ferrovial Agroman, a prime contractor of the undertaking, have to finish the reparatory by the end of May 2014. In the meanwhile, Silesian Museum will start to move in to the new seat. Also the building has to be equipped with furnitures, office equipment and a visual identification system has to applied, what will be commenced at the beginning of 2014. Training for the employees of the museum will be provided as well before the opening.

The official opening is scheduled for the last quarter of 2014.