Occupancy permit approved for Railway Station

On 5th of October, the County Inspector of Building Control issued an occupancy permit for the new main Railway Station. This way the construction work on the building has been officially completed.

The inspection took several weeks and finally the building was issued a positive approval of the Inspector. Previously, the Station facility has been inspected and accepted by the National Fire Services and the Health Protection Agency.

“Over the past few days, representatives of the County Inspector of Building Control in Katowice have been visiting the Station hall and meticulously analyzing the building’s consistency with its architectural and construction design” – said Rafał Elżanowski, Investment Director at Neinver Poland. “The document we have just got means that Katowice Station hall with its passenger service, office and retail parts meets the requirements of the Polish law and can be safely used by visitors” – he explained.

Last cleaning and preparatory works are currently underway before the building’s opening on 30th of October. “The station hall is now full of noise made by machines cleaning the floors and drillers or drivers used to install furniture in the commercial section. Representatives of PKP companies, whose rooms are located in the building’s office part, will soon move in” – said Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska, spokeswoman for Neinver Poland.