Old railway station sold to Maksimum for lowest price

The court enforcement officer to the District Court „Katowice-Wschód” sold by auction the old railway station buildings on Thursday. A winning bidder – the Maksimum company from Katowice – offered PLN 7,48 million for the property.

The old railway station’s facilities were auctioned due to enforcement procedures that had been instituted against the previous owner Eurostar Real Estate. The auction took place in the District Court’s seat at 70A Francuska St. Auctioneers were obliged to contribute almost PLN 1 million deposit to take part in the auction. Four deposits were paid by: Marek Antoni Kędzierski – a businessman from Lublin, Michał Zientek – an attorney from Rybnik, Maksimum and Dworcowa Katowice registered in Kraków and represented by Krzysztof Gaczorek (KG Group – a main creditor on mortgage of the old railway station property). The first businessman did not appear in the court room, the second one did not partake in the auction. In effect, Maksimum and Dworcowa Katowice were allowed to offer.

The only bid was made by Maksimum and the old railway station buildings were sold to the Katowice company. The final price was equal to the initial price as Dworcowa Katowice did not decide to bid up. The successful bidder purchased a perpetual usufruct of the land (4 668 sq. meters) and the property consisting of four buildings located at: 2, 4 and 6-8 Dworcowa St. and at the junction of 10 Dworcowa and 20 św. Jana streets. The four facilities cover the area of 7 041 sq. meters. According to the Silesian voivodeship’s conservator of monuments, the old railway station (delivered in 1859) is highly neglected and the revitalization would cost event PLN 100 million.

Krzysztof Miklis, a president of the board of Maksimum, did not want to make any declaration about the future process of revitalization. „It will be a long and difficult investment. I do not want to make any statements about the starting date of works. At first, we have to learn more about the property and its present condition as it was forbidden to look inside before the auction. Currently I can only say that we would like to create there a space for retail, restaurant and offices. Maksimum deals with the revitalization of old and abandoned buildings and this is what we want to do here.”

Maksimum is a part of holding group, which employs about one thousand people and owns many construction plots and buildings in Katowice and in the region of Upper Silesia. For example, the company has been recently engaged in the revitalization process of post industrial buildings in the area of former Baildon Steelworks including Revita Park. In Katowice, Maksimum also renovated such buildings as Opolska 22, Chorzowska 108 („Kostki”), Kolista 25, Roździeńskiego 91, Dulęby 5, Albatrosów Apartments and a historic school building in the „Giszowiec” district.