Old Supersam shows its welded spans

Demolition works on Supersam started a month ago. Today, only tons of rubbles and a giant skeleton of the almost 80-year-old market hall’s construction left at the site.

Demolition works on Supersam
Demolition works on Supersam

The 121 meters long, 39,5 meters wide and 16 meters tall building was unique because of its scale – it was the biggest market hall in the 1930s in Poland – and due to its welded steel construction designed by renowned Prof. Stefan Bryła. The applied welding solutions made the building’s structure very modern that time. The construction was manufactured in the steel works “Huta Królewska” and “Laura” in Chorzów, and in “Huta Pokój” in Nowy Bytom.

The welded structure consists of 10 spans placed at 11-meter spacing. To show the designer’s intention, four original spans will be kept within the new facility as a distinguishing feature of the building. Additionally, above the entire open space, there has been designed a roof lantern linked in its shape to the construction of the historic hall.

After the facility has been pulled down, a new 43 000 sq. meters shopping and entertainment center will be built in its place. The building was designed by Konior Studio. The demolition works are being conducted by the SFW Warwas company from Żory, Poland, and will last by the end of August.