One new tenant, three expansions

Silesia City Center (SCC) has extended leasing contracts with three brands offering shoes and leather products. All the three brands have also expanded their sales space. Additionally, a new shop of the Garry Weber brand was opened this month.

CCC (shoes, bags and accessories), Ochnik (leather clothes, shoes, bags) and Zebra (shoes of well-known brands) are the three brands which have expanded their retail space in the shopping center. The shop of CCC was enlarged by 185 sq. meters (from 441 to 626 sq. meters). The company has extended the leasing contract by the end of 2022. Ochnik doubled its retail space in SCC and now occupies 133 sq. meters (previously 67 sq. meters). The shop will be present in SCC for the next ten years. The third tenant – Zebra – has moved to the new part of the mall, which was delivered in 2011. Now the brand’s store covers the area of 116 sq. meters (previously 91 sq. meters). The leasing contract was extended for the next ten years as well.

Garry Weber, the new brand which has joined the list of tenants of Silesia City Center, occupies 129 sq. meters. This German company offers clothes and accessories for women. It has nearly one thousand company-managed stores and sales spaces, more than 2 800 shop-in-shops and 281 franchised stores worldwide as well as brand online-shops in nine countries.