One year of Katowice mayor

Marcin Krupa, Katowice mayor, has summed up 365 days of his presidency. He focused on 10 tasks, which had been prepared and presented during his election campaign over a year ago. Now, the mayor adds two additional assignments – establishment of a metropolis and improvement of air quality.

Marcin Krupa promised last year to fulfill all the 10 tasks during the four-year presidency (by the end of 2018). 6 of the tasks are related to investments undertakings. These are: development of three indoor swimming pools, stimulation of post-industrial areas, development of at least 100 apartments for lease every year, development of a science center, creation of Investors Service Department and development of six transport nodes in the districts of Ligota, Brynów, Zawodzie, Piotrowice, Podlesie and in the city center (on Sądowa St.) as well as an extension of a tram track from Brynów to Kostuchna.

It seems that the most advanced are the transport nodes projects and the project of three swimming pools. Advanced design works are now being conducted on the nodes and the City Hall is preparing to file a motion for financial support from the European Union funds. Financial contribution has been secured in the city budget. Also, a competitive tender for architectural project of the pools was already announced.

In case of the post-industrial areas, the city offers 29 construction lands, which are being presented to investors. Following four undertakings are possible to be launched in the upcoming year: Flyspot at 100 Chorzowska St. – the second Polish aerodynamic tunnel – to be built in the area of the former Baildon steelworks, extension of „Porcelana Śląska” Industrial and Technology Park on Porcelanowa St., development of a hotel and a fourth office building of GPP Business Park on Konduktorska St., development of two office and industrial parks on Miedziana and Lwowska St. by Pinnacle to cover the area of 28 hectares.

The two additional tasks – the establishment of metropolis and the improvement of air quality – were added to the priority activities of the mayor. Katowice is the first city in Poland, which prepared a document facing the problem of low CO2 emission and proposing several solutions to be implemented by 2020 worth PLN 2,35 billion (PLN 58 million in 2015 and PLN 124 million in 2016).

Additionally, integration of the agglomeration was already begun. „I will work and I am working towards the creation of metropolis. Together with the chairperson of the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia, we appointed a team of experts, which will name the workings of associated cities. I hope to inform in January 2017 that the metropolis is established” – Marcin Krupa said.