Opening of Galeria Katowicka will last 5 days

„The opening of Galeria Katowicka will take 5 days” – the investor revealed. Neinver expects even 200 000 customers during the five-day celebration.

Galeria Katowicka will be opened on Wednesday, the 18 September 2013 at 10 a.m. The opening events will last until Sunday, the 22nd. Management authorities have decided to spread the opening over five days due to the location of Galeria Katowicka in the central part of the City.

„If we organized only one-day culminating event, e.g. concert of a music star, there would be even extra 50 thousand people and 10 thousand cars arriving in the center in the course of a few hours. It could overrun the transportation network capabilities of Katowice” – said Agnieszka Jurkiewicz, marketing and public relations manager of Galeria Katowicka.

The authorities expect that approximately 200 000 customers will visit the mall during the five-day opening. To make the traffic more efficient around the shopping center, the underground car park for 1 200 vehiles will be available for free from Wednesday to Sunday.

© Neinver; logo of Galeria Katowicka over the main entrance
© Neinver; logo of Galeria Katowicka over the main entrance