Opening of Infiniti Katowice

The PGD Group has officially opened a showroom of Infiniti cars in Katowice. After Warsaw, this is the second Infiniti Center in Poland. The showroom is located at 3 Ściegiennego St. in the Katowice Business Point office building.

The opening was celebrated by Jürgen Schmitz, Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe of Infiniti. Six cars models will be exposed in the interiors of the showroom which covers area of 540 sq. meters. Four models of Infiniti are destined for test drives, there are: G37’s sedan and coupé versions, two FXs with the choice of 5.0 petrol and the new 3.0d unit. An M model will be delivered for test drives soon as well.

The Infiniti Katowice Center is the 37th unit of the brand in Europe. The Center offers a package service of insurances, bank loans, leasing and redemption of second-hand cars. The “Japan Motors” unit in Chorzów will be responsible for an after-sells service.

Infiniti comes from Japan. Its line-up of performance sedans, coupés, convertibles, SUVs and crossovers is now being launched across the globe through a dedicated network of Infiniti Centers or dealerships which share a commitment to individualized and exceptional customer service.

Katowice Business Point offers approximately 17 000 sq. meters of rentable space. The building was commissioned in April 2010.