Opening of passive building in a month

The Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum is preparing for the opening of its newest undertaking – the passive building. The facility will be officially opened by the end of February.

The general aim of the project is to create necessary conditions for the location and development of high technology companies. The newly established passive building will therefore house a data center as well as laboratories and technology rooms. The data center accommodates the latest IT technologies responsible for providing communications services such as video, a virtual desktop solution (VDI) and the storage and archiving of data.

„The official opening of the passive building is scheduled for 28th of February. Last outfitting works are now underway inside and the building is being provided with furnitures and equipment. The office space is over 50% let” – said Agnieszka Zięcina, public relations director at the Euro-Centrum’s Science and Technology Park.

The total area of the building amounts to approximately 7 500 sq. meters while the leasable office space covers 4 330 sq. meters. The facility was built in accordance with passive-construction standards which enable to use eight times less energy than typical buildings of this size. The building is located at 103 Ligocka St.