Optirem delivered Revita Park

The company of Optirem delivered Revita Park, a technology and industrial park located in the area of the former „Baildon” steel works and now so called „Nowy Baildon”.

The park is consisted of three facilities adapted for laboratories, offices, conference and training rooms as well as for warehouses. The office part of „B+” class is equipped with IT infrastructure and the laboratory part was designed for companies supporting and developing innovation and revitalization processes.

The conference center was adapted for the needs of about 200 participants and houses lecture and computer rooms and a room for simultaneous translation. An integral part of Revita Park is a logistic and production building where machinery of different types can be kept or it also can be used as a warehouse for large objects – the facility is 12-meters high and it is equipped with two bridge cranes with the load capacity of 5 and 20 tons.

Revita Park is located at 9 Żelazna St. The revitalization process of the former steel works’ building was conducted by Chemobudowa-Kraków, a prime contractor of the undertaking. The project was co-financed from the European Union’s funds. The remaining amount was provided by Optirem, a subsidiary of Opal Maksimum.