Outfitting of Dom w Dolinie Trzech Stawów

Hochtief conducts the outfitting phase of works on „Dom w Dolinie Trzech Stawów” (House in the Three Ponds Valley). The development of the first stage of this housing scheme was ordered by Okam Capital.

The investment will be erected in three stages totaling five residential facilities. At present, buildings A and B are being built in which 108 apartments, 11 commercial premises, underground car park, storages and luxurious lobby on the ground floor will be located.

The lobby will be made of wood and stone, wallpapers and carpets are to be applied in common areas, while the clinker brick already covers the ground level of the building’s exterior walls. The plastered elevation is white and dark grey.

Okam Capital laid a cornerstone for the housing project in July 2012. The ceremony was the official start of the construction works. It is expected to deliver the first stage in the turn of the second and third quarter of 2014.

The developer has already sold about 30% of the apartments (notarial deeds signed), which are to be delivered within the first phase. The housing estate is located at 47 Władysława Sikorskiego St.

© City Hall of Katowice; Dom w Dolinie Trzech Stawów
© City Hall of Katowice; Dom w Dolinie Trzech Stawów