Outfitting phase started in Silesian Museum

Budimex, a prime contractor of the Silesian Museum’s new underground seat has commenced an outfitting phase of works and announces to deliver a lockup state of the building in October. Meanwhile, the Museum has chosen a consortium of two architectural studios that will work on a concept design of the northern part of the coal mine area to be adapted for Museum’s purposes in the future.

Works on the new seat of the Silesian Museum
Works on the new seat of the Silesian Museum

According to Budimex representatives, the building’s concrete structure is now 95% done. The contractor already commenced all installation works and some of fit-out works. First glassy slabs were already set up on the office building’s elevation – it will have a double facade created by concrete, artificial materials and window panels and the second one made of the slabs. It will be possible to open the windows as well as some of the slabs thanks to a hydraulic drive.

Six huge glass boxes designed as the most characteristic feature of the new facility will be provided with glassy slabs in the weeks to come. The same type of slabs is being currently mounted on the fore-mentioned office building’s elevation.

According to the contract, Budimex is to finish all the works in March 2013. However, due to additional works that had to be done, the final delivery date can be moved to May 2013. A great opening of the Silesian Museum is planned in September 2013.

Concept design for the Museum’s northern area
As the new Silesian Museum is being built in the area of the former “Katowice” coal mine, there are still some post-industrial buildings waiting for renewal. Last month, the Museum decided a public tender and contracted the consortium of “Nova Studio” (Katowice) and “Vertigo architekci” (Mysłowice). The architects will prepare a concept design showing three possible arrangements of the 3,5 ha plot, including the post-industrial facilities, situated north from the existing construction site of the new venue.

“We plan to locate there collections of archeology, ethnography and history presently based in the building on Kofrantego Av. The way of financing is not specified yet, however we have already filed a motion enabling to apply for a grant support within the European Union funds for the years 2014-2020. Now it is estimated the renovation works on the northern part would cost gross PLN 150-180 million” – said Leszek Jodliński, director of the Silesian Museum.