Passive building comes up in Euro-Centrum

Works on the first truly passive office building in Poland were commenced in August last year. The investment of the Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park is being executed by Budus S.A., a prime contractor of the construction work. The building’s structure became already visible above the ground-level.

Two tower cranes are involved in the construction process to raise the 6 335 sq. meters facility. The prime contractor’s crews already laid a foundation slab and are progressing with works on the first level of the building.

This office scheme is being built in accordance with passive-construction standards which enable to use eight times less energy than typical buildings of this size. To make the building more efficient in terms of energy consumption, heat pomps, above-average heat insulation, solar collectors and cells are to be implemented. Additionally, the building will go into dormacy, e.g. during weekends, when the workers do not use their offices.

It will also house nine-meter-high rooms for testing bulky machinery required mostly by the renewable energy resources companies and other laboratories to test solar collectors. Additionally, there will be a data center, conference and training rooms and office spaces for rent. The building is going to be a new seat of the Science and Technology Park and will be delivered at the beginning of 2013 at 103 Ligocka St.

A total cost of the works exceeds PLN 37 million. The investment is a part of the project named “development and application of new technologies in the area of energy saving and renewable energy sources in the Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park”. The project is partially financed from EU funds and the state budget, its total worth amounts approximately PLN 97 million.

© Euro-Centrum; construction work on the passive building, photo by Janusz Ballarin
© Euro-Centrum; construction work on the passive building, photo by Janusz Ballarin