Perform invites web developers to score

Perform, a global company which commercializes multimedia sports content across the Internet, is looking for web engineers to be hired in Katowice. The firm is going to double its team over the next months. Among other responsibilities, they will develop – the world’s largest football website.

Perform creates sport products through online platforms, content distribution, advertising, subscription. The company provides online streaming of sport events for such soccer clubs as Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund or FC Bayern Munchen, as well as for media: CNN, BBC Sport, Canal+, EuroSport or NBC. The global portal, owned and managed by Perform, generated over 1,2 billion page views in one month during the soccer World Cup in Brazil.

The Perform office in Katowice is located in the City Center at 2 Korfantego Av. The company hires there over one hundred people, who work on the web development of, and as well as on many applications for mobile phones.

„About 80 percent of our team is involved as web developers and most of our current vacancies are also connected with this type of job. At present, we are able to hire all successful candidates. We require a very good command of English and fluency in Java, PHP, mobile systems (iOS, Android). Perform needs front-end engineers and testers in Katowice as well. However, we will also look for finance specialists, for example” – explains Paweł Łobejko, general manager at Perform Poland.

The front-end engineers are responsible for graphic design of web pages and applications, while the back-end developers programme the core background of websites, which controls the display of front-end content in the browser. Qualified employees can earn more than ten thousand zloty per month in Perform.

To find the successful candidates, a promotional campaign of the recruitment process was launch in social media (including Facebook Video Ads), branch websites and press. It is addressed to web developers from south of Poland. The campaign was called „Kibicujesz + Programujesz = Pracujesz” and is organized in the cooperation with the City Hall of Katowice.

Headquartered in London, Perform employs over 1 400 staff and has offices around the world. The company clients include sports federations including the ATP, WTA Tennis, Premier League and NBA as well as numerous global brands in betting, broadcast and online publishing.

Every year Perform produces and distributes over 43 000 live events, 4,7 billion video on demand streams, 430 000 editorial articles and up to 1 600 data points for over 30 000 events across over 2 600 distribution clients.

Promotional video of the „Kibicujesz + Programujesz = Pracujesz” campaign (only in Polish):