Permission given for new runway at KTW

A permission for use the new runway at the Katowice International Airport (KTW) has been given to the Upper Silesian Aviation Group last week. The first take-off was scheduled for 28th of May this year.

Despite the management body of KTW received the necessary permit from the Silesian Construction Supervision Inspector, the next three months are needed to obtain final permits within regulations of aviation law. It includes the inspection of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Poland and installation of the Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. Also, all world carriers have to be informed about the new infrastructure within the use of AIRAC, an aeronautical information regulation system.

The new runway was built in 710 days by Budimex. 120 000 cubic meters of concrete, 1 097 running lights, 235 km of electric cables, 379 sewerage wells, 56 thousand tons of blacktop and mineral mixture, 421 thousand tons of chippings of different types and 9 000 kg of paint used for road signs were needed to erect the new infrastructure. The runway is 45 meters wide and 3 200 meters long.

As the GTL explains, there are two main factors related to the new runway that will impact airport customers. „First of all, the new runway is 400 meters longer than the existing runway, what means it will be possible to perform flights without the need to refuel. This applies to long-range, wide-bodied aircrafts, including Jumbo-Jets. Another major factor that will influence passengers, as well as carriers, is the ILS system of Category II enabling to land in reduced visibility. It will be launched in the second quarter of 2016. Using this system, pilots will be able to land safely even if the visibility is two times lower and the cloud ceiling is twice closer to the ground than at present”.

The former runway will be transformed into a taxiway. Moreover, a new aircraft deicing apron is currently under construction, as well as a new cargo apron and taxiway, and arrivals terminal. These projects will be completed in July 2015. In the third quarter of this year, an extension of the A terminal’s departure hall will be started.