Permit given for expansion of Atal project

A few weeks ago Atal announced to expand its existing housing project in Katowice. The company has recently obtained a valid building permit for the next stage of Francuska Park.

The investment plots are located along Lotnisko St. in place of former garage facilities and border upon the construction site of the Francuska Park housing estate from the east side.

The estate is now being erected. The first stage was delivered to the market last month. Works on the second stage are now highly advanced and it is expected to finish the phase by the end of 2015. Also, the third stage is underway. Apartments of the first two stages (405 housing premises) have been already put on the market.

The fourth stage of the investment would be built on the plots for which the latest building permit has been given. The intention was already confirmed by Atal in March, when the company announced to expand its Katowice project.

The three stages of the projects involves the construction of nine buildings and 674 apartments. The developer did not inform how many apartments would be built within the fourth stage. Francuska Park is being erected at 102 Francuska St.