Pesa selected to deliver trams to Katowice agglomeration

Tramwaje Śląskie announced Pesa, a Polish trams and trains manufacturer based in Bydgoszcz, as the preferred bidder to supply the Katowice agglomeration with 30 new low-floor trams. The gross PLN 202,5 million contract is to be signed this year.

The Public Procurement Office approved the tendering process issued by Tramwaje Śląskie, which had selected Pesa as the winner. In practice it means, the procedure was consistent with the law and the contract can be signed. Then, Pesa will have 24 months to supply all of the 30 trams. Deliveries will run in the turn of 2013 and 2014.

The trams will be approximately three-quarter low floor accommodating at least 200 passengers including 40 seated places or more.

The offer of Pesa was the only one submitted. Tramwaje Śląskie had allowed five other companies (Stadler, CAF, Solaris, Skoda and Polish-Croatian consortium of Newag and Koncar) to tender for the contract. However, the five firms declined to bid.

The new trams will be supplied within a gross PLN 801 million project of the tram network’s modernization being currently underway. About 46 kilometers of tram lines in six cities (15% of the entire tram network in the agglomeration), purchasing of the 30 new trams and modernization of 75 old vehicles of the 105N type will be provided within the project co-financed by the EU.

Tramwaje Śląskie is a management company of the Upper Silesian interurban tram system.