PHC gives up on Katowice project. Plot sold

Polish Hotel Company (PHC) wanted to build a hotel on Wojewódzka St. It could be the first hotel facility in Katowice delivered in co-operation with the world’s leading hospitality InterContinental Hotels Group. However, the construction plot was sold and the developer retracted from the project.

The portal informed about the investment two years ago. PHC planned to build a 4-floor hotel with 124 guests rooms classified into a 3-star economy budget category. The company obtained a building permit and intended to manage the facility under a franchise agreement with InterContinental Hotels Group for the Holiday Inn Express brand.

The hotel was to be erected on a plot owned by Eurostar Real Estate (ERE) registered in Warsaw. The same company purchased the old railway station’s building situated on Dworcowa St., opposite Wojewódzka St. The hotel plot is placed just behind the „Rialto” cinema, close to a railway line.

The plan of PHC was discomfited by the plot’s owner in connection with financial issues and enforcement procedures that had been instituted against Eurostar Real Estate. „PHC is not involved anymore in this project” – confirms Miguel Martins, general manager at Polish Hotel Company. An execution was enforced on ERE’s properties in Katowice at the end of 2014, including the real estate located on Wojewódzka St. A court enforcement officer to the District Court „Katowice-Wschód” has recently sold the 2 792 sq. meters property by auction. The initial price amounted to over PLN 1,59 million.

The ultimate price as well as the purchaser name have not yet been revealed.

Also, the second Katowice plot of ERE was planned to be sold by auction in January this year. The 50 535 sq. meters property is located in the area of Ordona, Górnej, Nadgórników and Dobrowolskiego streets, close to the so called cultural district. The initial price exceeded PLN 12,46 million. Though the auction was cancelled and a new date has not been announced by now.