PKP Cargo moves its headquarters to Katowice

On Wednesday, the state-controlled national carrier PKP Cargo informed that the company would move its Warsaw and Kraków headquarters to Katowice.

According to the company, the consolidation of the offices will enable to optimize customer services (a main Customer Service Center will be created) and internal communication within the corporation – about 70% of PKP Cargo’s business operations are being conducted in the Upper Silesia region. The decision has also been made due to the acquisition of the Czech Republic’s carrier AWT seated in Ostrava. The presence of the headquarters in Katowice will make possible to join the industrial centers of Poland and the Czech Republic more effectively and to offer modern logistic solutions.

Moving the seats into one location will take place in September. The new headquarters will be located in the second building of A4 Business Park on Francuska St. The 9 000 sq. meters building will house Katowice headquarters, seat of the PKP Cargo’s south plant and other office branches of the company based in several locations of the Silesian voivodeship. Also, about 100 employees of Kraków branch will be moved to Katowice as well as most of Warsaw headquarters’ team. Workplaces will not be liquidated within the consolidation.

PKP Cargo currently occupies two buildings in Katowice – its own office building on św. Huberta St. and the leased office building Reinhold Center on Korfantego Av. At the same time, the office building on św. Huberta St. will be put up for sale.

The PKP Cargo group is the leader of railway transport of goods in Poland and the second largest operator in the European Union. It was established in 2001. As far as logistic services are concerned it uses land transport (railway and car) as well as sea transport (ferries). It has the largest fleet of rail freight rolling stock in Poland.

© PKP Cargo; area of operations of PKP Cargo and AWT
© PKP Cargo; area of operations of PKP Cargo and AWT