PKP invites to tender for Dworcowa properties

The Polish State Railways (PKP) announced to conduct an oral open tender in the form of bidding to sell a property located at 3 Dworcowa St. in the downtown of Katowice. The initial price amounts to net PLN 10,49 million.

The subject of the tender is 7 378 sq. meters of usable area and a right of perpetual usufruct of the 0,4 parcel of land. The 4-storey real estate is situated in the area of Dworcowa, Mielęckiego and Dyrekcyjna streets. It is comprised of three tenements and two out-buildings being a part of the complex of seven tenements. The property is located opposite the old railway station building. Hotels of „Monopol” and „Diament” are also situated alongside at the same street. The main part of the complex was erected in 1907.

The Polish State Railways is going to sell its 70-percent share of the property (7 378 sq. meters), which covers the total area of 10 461 sq. meters. The remaining 30 percent of the area is owned by „Koleje Śląskie” (Silesian Railways). A health center, office and other business premises are situated in the facilities.

The oral open tender will take place on the 8th of August 2015 at 3 Dworcowa St.