Planet Cinema opens in Altus

On 14th of February, a new multiplex of Planet Cinema will be opened in Altus at 13 Uniwersytecka St. The chain takes over six screen theaters out of nine which had been occupied by Helios for the last ten years.

The former tenant leaved the Altus building in December 2013 after the termination of its 10-years lease contract. Helios was located on the second and third floor.

The cinema will operate only on the third floor of the building having six air-conditioned screening rooms. The remaining three movie theaters located on the second floor will be transformed into a conference center by the Altus owner.

Planet Cinema covers the total area of approximately 4 000 sq. meters offering 1 566 seats in total. It is equipped with Dolby Laboratories sound system, pearl and silver screen surfaces. Additionally, a 48 frames-per-second format for movie projection will be provided for one of the rooms.

The chain was established in 2011 in Katowice and apart from the Planet Cinema Katowice, it manages one four-screen cinema in Oświęcim. The company is also preparing for its next opening in Ełk to be happened by the end of this year.