PLN 264 million Geo Medical to be raised in Katowice

PLN 264 million will be spent to build a multidisciplinary hospital by Geo Grupa Deweloperska from Kraków. The development, called Geo Medical, is being erected in the junction of Wita Stwosza and Ceglana streets. According to the investor, it will be the biggest facility of this type in Poland.

The construction work was started in July this year and is being conducted by Erbud. The investment will be delivered in stages. The largest part of the project is the multidisciplinary hospital which will consist of three buildings housing 15 wards (offering 230 hospital beds in total) and an operating department with 8 operating suites. By the end of 2014, two buildings of the three will be opened (8 wards and the operating department).

The third building, where the remaining wards will be located, is scheduled for delivery in the middle of 2016. The whole medical complex will also feature a 8 555 sq. meters four-star hotel (180 rooms) with the conference area – this building will be completed in December 2016. The last phase of the investment is a diagnostic-therapeutic center to be finished in the middle of 2017.

The Geo Medical hospital will be specialized in the oncologist treatment with the usage of chemotherapy, surgery and hyperthermia. Additionally, one the hospital buildings will be equipped with the radiology information system.

„The mission of Geo Medical is to provide the highest quality health services coresponding to the latest medical knowledge. Also we will want to work under the National Health Fund’s (NFZ) contract to make our services available for as many patients as possible” – commented Adam Zaremba-Śmietański, chairman of Geo Grupa Deweloperska.

The first phase of the project is financed by the internal funds of the company (36%) as well as by the 15-years loan (64%). The investor will pay Erbud PLN 81,6 million for the construction works on the first stage (two buildings). The architectural design of the project was prepared by the UCEES studio from Kraków.

The company began its business activities in 1988 in Kraków, as one of the first private companies on the housing construction market. During the 23 years of our business activities, Geo Grupa Deweloperska has built and commissioned over 70 housing projects, with approximately 3 500 flats.