PNRSO celebrates topping-out of its new venue

A concert of Orchestra’s musicians welcomed guests that had gathered in the great concert hall of Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra’s new seat on Friday, 12th of April. The event was held to commemorate a topping-out of the building.

Orchestra musicians' concert taking place during the topping-out ceremony
Orchestra musicians' concert taking place during the topping-out ceremony

Warbud, a prime contractor of the undertaking, celebrated the day with the presence of PRNSO and City Hall (an investor) representatives as well as of Wojciech Kilar, one of Poland’s most esteemed composers.

The topping-out ceremony refers to the completion of the building’s structure including external walls and a roof. “The construction work was started about eleven months ago. Today we celebrate the delivery of building’s shell due to the high organizational proficiency and I am hope the venue will be opened on time” – commented Piotr Uszok, Katowice mayor.

According to the contract signed between the City Hall and Warbud, the works have to be completed in the last quarter of 2013. Then, the great concert hall will be prepared by acousticians from Nagata Acoustics what can take another few months. The grand opening is expected to be held in autumn 2014.

„Acousticians work is a process – it will be finished, if we hear that everything sounds perfectly. We need to have a keen eye for quality and for everything we do. Every detail has a fundamental meaning for the concert hall and the sound. We can not afford to compromise” – said Tomasz Konior, head designer of the building.

Currently, Warbud conducts installation, outfitting and technical equipment works. Elevation laying works will be commenced next week. The facade will be covered by 410 000 clinker bricks.

Topping-out ceremony of the new seat of Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra