Polish footwear brand at Galeria Katowicka

Ryłko, one of the most recognizable labels on the Polish footwear market has just opened its shop in Galeria Katowicka.

Ryłko prides itself in producing their shoes from leather of great quality, according to a technology perfected over many years. It has been established in 1964.

“All stages of shoe production take place in Poland, which is quite rare in regard to such large brands – says Klaudia Stachuła from the Ryłko shop in Galeria Katowicka. “We are a company in which shoe-making expertise and experience are passed down through generations” – she emphasizes.

Ryłko at Galeria Katowicka is the newest addition to the center’s existing list of footwear brands which include, among others, Badura, Bayla, CCC, Crocks, Deichmann, Ecco, Gabor, Gino Rossi, Kari, Kazar, Kornecki, Mc Arthur, Ochnik, Szuz Szop, Venezia, Wittchen and Wojas.

The Galeria Katowicka’s Ryłko shop spans 122,35 sq. meters of space.