Proximetry boosts its activity in Katowice

Proximetry – a global wireless network software provider headquartered in San Diego, California – is now developing its Katowice research and development unit by hiring new engineers. The expansion is connected with new contracts signed with Siemens, Cisco and Itron to deliver advanced solutions for smart grids*.

Proximetry and Siemens are to improve the management of communication devices for electric, gas and water grids for the North American market. Within the partnership, Proximetry’s key product – called AirSync and created in Katowice – will be delivered to utilities using Siemens systems. The implemented software platform will help to manage multiple networks, protocols and millions of devices seamlessly from a single control center.

The smart grids solutions of Proximetry will also improve a joint Cisco and Itron’s product. Working together, these three companies will integrate dynamic performance management across multiple networks, software and hardware to effectively monitor, control and manage the creation, distribution, storage and consumption of energy.

This way, Proximetry Poland becomes one of the most mysterious, innovative companies in the Katowice agglomeration – founded in the City in 2006, this high-tech enterprise is better known in the U.S., Latin America, Asia and Western Europe where the firm provides its products.

However, the company is closely related with Katowice from the very beginning as Proximetry was designed with an eye to establish the research and development office in the City.

The Proximetry engineering office is located at 91 Roździeńskiego Av. Presently, the company hires 40 highly-trained engineers and is about to add another ten job positions on board in the months to come. The research and development team focuses mainly on the fields of IT and telecommunications, especially in the area of network protocols, database performance, distributed systems and wireless connectivity.

The Katowice team’s proficiency and contribution to new technologies’ development were appreciated by the European Union and Polish government. “The EU-Mesh initiative conducted in collaboration with 9 universities, research institutes and European companies was our first project subsidized by public funds. We also got the financial help for the next four research and development projects within subsidy programmes of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development or the National Center for Research and Development. The fact, that we have received the funds every time we applied, confirms a high level of the company’s scientific and engineering services” – commented Mirek Ossysek, general manager of Proximetry Poland.

The innovative software of Proximetry is created from scratch in Katowice what means the employees are involved at every stage of product’s manufacturing process. The team of engineers, programmers and other specialists in the field of electronics and telecommunications as well as several PhDs in computer science works on wireless solutions, which are delivered to such recognizable companies as Boeing or LOT Polish Airlines.

AirSync – the fore-mentioned key product of Proximetry – enables, for example, airports and airlines to use the software for the management of wireless communication with airplanes. In other words, this intelligent solution is being used for the download of passenger manifests, electronic charts, movies and other aircraft specific content while on the ground, instead of physically uploads of information into planes computers. The software can be applied in various industry branches. As it was in case of Siemens, AirSync is used to manage a million electric, water or gas meters over large service territories or any other wireless networks composed of thousands of base stations.

Proximetry was founded in 2005. The company is privately held, headquartered in San Diego, California, and backed by Munich Venture Partners, Aeris Capital, Investec and Rembrandt Venture Partners.

* Smart grids – intelligent networks, based on information and communication technology, that help utilities and customers to more effectively monitor and control energy use and costs.