Qumak selected to create multimedia exhibition for Silesian Museum

Qumak will design and implement the permanent multimedia exhibition to be located in the new Silesian Museum’s building. The exhibition will present the history of the region.

The IT company from Warsaw will get PLN 11,58 million for the realization of the undertaking. Within the contract, Qumak will prepare the exhibition called „The light of history” and will be responsible for exhibits delivery and installation. The museum will present the history of the Upper Silesian region in a modern and attractive way using lights, sound, scenography and reconstructive areas. Modern interactive solutions will also be applied for sightseers.

The exposition will be located in 22 rooms of the museum and will cover 1 365 sq. meters. The opening is planned on 26th of June 2015.

Qumak is a company operating on the modern teleinformatics technologies market. It offers services of implementation in twelve technological areas including: dedicated IT systems for public sector, multimedia exhibition centers, aviation infrastructure, intelligent transportation systems, BMS and building technologies, and others.