Railway Station on the eve of opening day

Investors of the new Railway Station in Katowice are preparing to celebrate the great opening after almost two years of works within the multi-purpose complex being built at Szewczyka Sq. On Thursday, journalists and photojournalists had the chance to visit the main hall before the opening planned for 29th of October.

Katowice Railway Station and the reconstructed cup-shaped pillars
New Katowice Railway Station: the reconstructed cup-shaped pillars and the "Katowice" neon-sign on the top

The Railway Station will be opened one day earlier as it was previously said due to the expected increase in  number of passengers before the All Saints’ Day.

“In the last Monday of October at 4 p.m., we invite all citizens and passengers to visit the new, redeveloped Railway Station hall. Our conductors will wait for them to show the building and to answer questions” – said Łukasz Kurpiewski, press spokesman of PKP S.A. (Polish State Railways). From that moment on, travelers will be tapping into all transport services and the extensive offer range of numerous stores and catering outlets. Except for cash-desks and waiting lounges, travelers can visit cafes, restaurants, a pharmacy, a bookstore, news-stands and a cakeshop. The total passenger service area will amount to 5 800 sq. meters.

Citizens and travelers are also invited to light the restored “Katowice” neon-sign placed on top of the two front cup-shaped pillars that form the main entrance to the building. The event will start at 7 p.m.

Delivery of the passenger hall crowns the first stage of the investment run by Neinver Poland and PKP S.A. Towards the end of the year, an underground bus terminal (where paving works for bus bays and sidewalks are now underway) will start functioning at Szewczyka Sq. The subsequent phase involves opening Galeria Katowicka in the second quarter of 2013. The mall will have 250 shops and service points within an area of 53 000 sq. meters. Customers will be leaving their vehicles at an underground parking lot with 1200 spots.