Record-breaking budget for 2012

Katowice City budget planned for 2012 seems to be a record-breaking and will exceed PLN 2 billion for the first time in history (PLN 1,8m in 2011). Additionally, the budgetary project assumes that an amount of next year’s capital expenditures will rise by 138-percent as compared with 2011 to reach 844,5 million.

The year-on-year 138-percent dynamic of capital expenditures of Katowice will be the highest among twelve biggest Polish cities according to Puls Biznesu. For example, capital expenditures in Wrocław and Kraków will total respectively PLN 714,7 and PLN 485,7 million in 2012. More than PLN 821 million from the planned PLN 844,5 million of capital expenditures will be earmarked for investments. Only for two building schemes – development of the International Convention Center and a new seat of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra – the City will spend PLN 380 million next year.

A total income will amount almost PLN 1,6 billion in 2012, total expenditures will be at around PLN 2,07 billion including PLN 1,23 million of current expenditures.

The budget deficit will total PLN 491 million in 2012. The City of Katowice will partially cover the deficit from bank loans of the European Investment Bank (EIB) – PLN 199,3 million, and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) – PLN 49,6 million.

The budget resolution has to be adopted by the City Council to enter into force.