Redevelopment works invade Roundabout – Market Sq. area

The construction work on the second stage of the Roundabout – Market Sq. area’s redevelopment now involves more and more sections of the City Center. Works are also expected to be started soon on the Market Sq.

The execution of works on roads and new pavements is the most advanced at present. Now we also conduct ground works to expose the „Rawa” riverbed which is hidden under the ground. A new concrete bed of the river will be prepared with the use of a jet-grouting technique” – explains Wojciech Pałczyński, project manager at NDI S.A. The company is responsible for the second stage of the redevelopment.

Works on granite pavements are also being conducted between the Silesian Theater and the „Skarbek” merchant house as well as in front of Młyńska 1 and Rynek 13 buildings. „As soon as the new surface is done, we will start works on the Market Sq., so called Flower Sq. – the area located between Młyńska 1 and the „Zenit” merchant house – where a new public space is designed” – Wojciech Pałczyński adds.

Last year, the City Hall of Katowice, an investor of the undertaking, had shown an architectural design of the Flower Sq. and confirmed the project this week.

The second stage of the Roundabout – Market Sq. area’s redevelopment is scheduled for the completion in the third quarter of 2014.