Refreshing of “Superjednostka”

“Superjednostka”, localised in the City Center of Katowice near the roundabout and the famous “Spodek”, is a dwelling building, modeled upon Le Corbusier’s ideas. Developed in 1967, this 17-storey housing unit is 187 metres long and 51 metres high. A total area covers 33 600 sq. m and seats 762 flats. Since 1994, “Superjednostka” obtains a housing estate status. Its dimensions and appearance are criticised by some and admired by the others. But undoubtedly no one stays impassive.
At present, the worn out elevation came to refurbishment. Moreover, works contain a heat insulation and balconies refit. The refurbishment has started in April and will take about 2 years. The renovation is managed by Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowe „MW” Marcin Wierzbiński, the same company was responsible for a new look of „Haperowiec” building.