Regular transatlantic route to be launched from KTW

LOT Polish Airlines will most probably launch a new service to Chicago from the Katowice International Airport in 2016, according to „Puls Biznesu”. It would be the first regular transatlantic route from KTW.

LOT had been operated between Chicago and the Kraków airport, which is about 80 km east from Katowice, but the carrier suspended the service in 2010. Now it can be re-launched at KTW. It is said unofficially that Katowice would be chosen because of its new infrastructure. At the end of May this year, a new runway will be opened at the airport. It is 45 meters wide and 3 200 meters long (400 meters longer than the existing one). That means it will be possible to perform transatlantic flights without the need to refuel. This applies to long-range, wide-bodied aircrafts. Another major factor is the ILS system of Category II, which enables to land in reduced visibility.

LOT has not yet confirm the news. The new network of connections will be released by the carrier in the weeks to come.