Renewal of Spodek elevation starts

Mostostal Warszawa S.A., a prime contractor of the refurbishment of “Spodek’s” elevation, started preparatory works for assembling a new building’s facade. A fair-sized scaffolding is just coating the hall.

The facade of “Spodek” covers approximately 3 500 sq. meters and is made of 30 thousand concrete scales. Another 10 thousand scales are on the facade of an ice rink. At first, Mostostal has to remove the old scales and asbestos used on the elevation. The new one will be made of stainless steel. The refurbishment of the facade should be finished by the end of June this year. Then, works on the roof, lower and upper rings will be commenced.

After the construction works, the new facade will weight only 4 kilos per one square meter, 25 kilos less in comparison with the present weight. According to an expertise carried out by the Silesian University of Technology, the building’s structure is overburdened with the concrete scales and the replacing of elevation was necessary.

The contract is worth almost gross PLN 30 million.

Scaffolding coats the Spodek elevation